About My Shining Stars

Zorbitz’ Story

Zorbitz stared in 2003 with $100 and a one-bedroom apartment. 8 years later, we are now we are a multi-million dollar company, selling millions of products across the globe and donating thousands of dollars annually to charities. We are thankful to the many amazing people have who helped guide us on our journey.  We hope our story encourages others to do what they love.

Here is how it all started:

“My daughter and I moved to Los Angeles with big hopes and even bigger dreams. Her dream, to be a big actress and mine was to find a life filled with happiness.

I think at first your dreams seem so close and then at other times they seem to fade as life goes in the wrong directions. We went through a time where nothing went right and it seemed like all hope was lost.

Then one day we took a stroll on the beach, allowing nature to give us all of its healing qualities. Then, at the most divine moment, I stepped on a stone and Zorbitz was born. The stone was in a perfectly carved shape of a heart. It was perfect timing and it happened at the exact moment when we both needed Zorbitz in our lives.

Through Zorbitz, we have been able to make a difference in this world. Thus far, we have contributed over one hundred thousand dollars to charities worldwide. We thank you for helping us make that difference.

How did My Shining Stars get created?

Within the Zorbitz family, we have a family of reps. One of our special reps JoAnne came to us telling us how happy she is to be a grandma and how much she will wear anything representing her kids and grandkids. It was at that moment that we all put our heads together.

My Shinning Stars are the perfect gift for any occasion- the perfect gift to give your family, friends, loved ones even yourself. They are beautiful, special and a keepsake that will last for a lifetime.

We wanted to create something special that you could not only wear for yourself, your kids, your grandkids, but you could also name a star in the sky. Something truly special at a price that everyone could afford.

My Shining Star Birthstone charms are made in America and feature a Swarovski® Element Birthstone Crystal to commemorate the wearer's birth month, or the birth month of the wearer's loved ones.

They are available both as a charm to attaché to a beautiful bracelet or to slide onto a necklace.

Through My Shining Stars, we hope to spread a little gift of love to you.

Naming Your Star:

With each charm, you can to dedicate a star to someone special in your life. Each name will be published in the My Shining Stars Registry©, which is registered in the U.S. Copyright Office and you will be provided with the exact location of your star.  While My Shining Star naming is not recognized by the scientific community, it is something that you and your loved ones can point out in the sky and keep close to your heart.

We periodically print a book called My Shining Stars Registry © which includes the stars that you have named.

If you have any questions or need any additional information please email customersupport@zorbitz.net.